Benefits of Hot Yoga



Looking for a yoga class with just that extra touch? Then definitely try our Hot Yoga, a yoga class taught in a room with a temperature of around 40 °C. The heat of the room certainly makes your yoga workout more challenging, but it also brings numerous benefits. We'll give you six of them below.

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1. It makes you more flexible

The warmth of the yoga room makes your muscles stretch easier, allowing you to stretch deeper than in a cold room. You will be amazed at your own flexibility.

2. It is good against stress

When it is warm, you automatically pay more attention to your breathing. Deep and controlled breathing relaxes body and mind and reduces stress.

3. It increases your lung capacity

Deep and controlled breathing also improves your lung capacity. This is because your lungs learn to hold more oxygen and expand.

4. It reduces the risk of stiff muscles

As the warmth makes your muscles stretch more easily, there is less risk of stiff muscles afterwards. Warm and relaxed muscles also reduce the risk of injury.

5. It is a good cardio workout

You might not expect it, but hot yoga is also a good cardiovascular workout. Doing exercises in a warm room makes your heart work faster and burn more energy.

6. It burns a lot of calories

The heat in the studio makes you sweat properly so your body has to work harder to regulate your body temperature. As a result, you burn even more calories than during a classical yoga class.

Come prepared

1. Hydrate beforehand

During a Hot Yoga class you lose a lot of fluids, read sweat. That is why it is important to hydrate sufficiently beforehand. Drink enough water throughout the day so you can participate in class with a good reserve.

2. Wear matching sportswear

It is recommended to wear tight-fitting sportswear. This allows you to perform the movements more comfortably and also allows you to sweat more easily.

3. Bring a water bottle and towel
As you already know, you will really sweat during this class. So always put a towel on your yoga mat so you can wipe off your sweat too. A water bottle goes without saying!

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