No shows group classes



Dear Members,

We are noticing that many people make reservations for group classes but then do not show up. This is not correct towards other members who want to participate in the class and remain on the waiting list. Therefore, starting in January, we will be more strict about proper cancellation of bookings in case of absence.

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If you cannot come to a class for which you have made a reservation you must cancel the reservation. This can be done up to 15 minutes before the class starts via or in the MyClubplanner app. We will check your attendance at classes based on check-ins at the turnstiles. To be counted as present, you must pass the turnstiles at the entrance within 3 hours before the start of the class and you must scan your finger, membership card or QR code. Just walking through does not count. Non-attendance without cancellation counts as one violation. Three violations within one month will result in your rights to reserve for group classes being cancelled for one week. For repeated violations, we reserve the right to extend penalties.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Thermae Sports team.

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