Money-saving multi-treatment pass

Money-saving multi-treatment pass

For optimal, long-lasting results, a course of treatments may be recommended instead of an individual treatment, which is why we offer money-saving five- and ten-treatment passes.

Want to try a treatment first before buying a multi-treatment pass? Mention this at reception when you check in for your first visit. That way, you can decide at the end of the treatment whether or not you want to buy a multi-treatment pass and maybe even take advantage of your discount there and then.

Not quite sure how many treatments you need or how often you need to book a treatment? Our beauty therapists are happy to have a chat with you about the desired result and will then suggest a personalised treatment plan.

Minimum discount of 50 euros

With the Beauty Clinic multi-treatment pass, you enjoy savings of 50 euros up to 150 euros.

Microdermabrasion or cryotherapy: 1 treatment = 85 euros / 5 treatments = 375 euros (that is a discount of 50 euros) / 10 treatments = 700 euros (so a discount of 150 euros)

Mesotherapy: 1 treatment = 95 euros / 5 treatments = 425 euros (discount of 50 euros) / 10 treatments = 800 euros (discount of 150 euros)

Oxygen therapy, microcryotherapy or micromesotherapy: 1 treatment = 125 euros / 5 treatments = 575 euros (discount of 50 euros) / 10 treatments = 1,100 euros (discount of 150 euros)