Mesotherapy 50'

  • € 95,00 (p.p.)

OFFER: From 10 May to 02 July 2024, you can book this mesotherapy facial treatment at a 15-euro discount. Please note, on this page, gift vouchers for this treatment (valid for one year) can only be bought at the normal price. In other words, you can’t buy a gift voucher at the offer price. Don’t need a gift voucher? Book your treatment by calling us on +32 (0)2 270 81 96 or fill in our contact form.

Using radiofrequency, the active ingredients (of the skincare products used) can be delivered painlessly without needles into the skin, all the way into the deeper skin layers. Specifically, the radiofrequency opens up the cell structure of the skin so that the products used are better absorbed. You can compare it to an injection into the cell nucleus.

Suitable for most skin types, this treatment targets a variety of skin problems, with the appropriate products used for different issues. It can soothe the skin and strengthen capillaries, perfect for rosacea. But it also boosts the natural collagen production of your skin, making it plumper and combatting fine lines. It also improves your skin’s resistance, so that it is better protected against external aggressors.

You can, of course, book this as an individual treatment, but depending on the desired result, you may get a better result with a course of treatments. We have multi-treatment passes for this, of five or ten visits, that offer you great savings. With this pass, you enjoy a 50- to 150-euro discount compared to individual bookings.

Would you like a bit more info before making an appointment? Book a free info session. One of our beauty therapists will listen to your skin concerns and give you personalised advice based on your specific skincare needs.

Please note: This treatment can only be booked at Thermae Grimbergen.

Bookings are only possible by telephone on +32 2 270 81 96 or via our contact page.

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