Microcryotherapy 80'

  • € 125,00 (p.p.)

OFFER: Get a 15-euro discount when booking a microcryotherapy facial treatment. This offer runs from 10 May to 02 July 2024 and is not available as a gift voucher. However, you can buy a gift voucher for this treatment via this page at the normal price. Want to book this offer now? Call us on +32 (0) 270 81 96 or fill in our contact form to book your appointment.

The perfect treatment for anyone who suffers from skin impurities but could also do with extra hydration. The beauty therapist starts with the microcrystal peeling which, besides removing impurities (think of pimples and blackheads etc.), also tightens pores, slowing down the formation of blackheads after you have had the treatment. She continues with the cryotherapy part of the treatment, with cold oxygen being blown continuously onto your face. As a result, your pores close up and your body heat causes your capillaries to widen again, which creates a pulsating action. This boosts circulation, providing a better supply of the active ingredients of the products used and faster removal of waste products. This is not just a skin cleansing treatment but is also great for anyone looking for a skin rejuvenating treatment.

Want just the one session? No problem! But for a more intensive, long-lasting result, we recommend a course of treatments with one of our money-saving multi-treatment passes. With this pass, you enjoy a 50- to 150-euro discount compared to individual bookings.

Prefer to find out a bit more about this treatment first? Book a free info session and you get the opportunity to ask all your questions and explain your expectations at length. Our beauty therapists are happy to give you personalised advice and if so desired, will suggest a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Please note: This treatment can only be booked at Thermae Grimbergen.

Bookings are possible by telephone on +32 2 270 81 96 or via our contact page.

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