Microdermabrasion 50'

  • € 85,00 (p.p.)

During this treatment, you enjoy a scrub with a microdermabrasion device that exfoliates the skin with microcrystals and sucks away skin impurities. This makes your skin smoother, tightens pores (slowing down the formation of blackheads afterwards) and gives your skin a more even appearance. What’s more, this treatment boosts the production of collagen, making your skin firmer. All this allows for more oxygen to be supplied to the skin, resulting in the production of new, healthy skin cells in the deeper skin layers, making your skin radiant again.

This is a great treatment for acne or impure skin, but it is also skin rejuvenating and a good addition to your preventive skincare regime.

Naturally, you can book this as an individual treatment, but depending on the result, a course of treatments may be recommended. We offer money-saving multi-treatment passes for this. With this pass, you enjoy a 50- to 150-euro discount compared to individual bookings.

Would you like some more info? Book an appointment for a free info session and our beauty therapist will be happy to answer all your questions!

Please note: This treatment can only be booked at Thermae Grimbergen.

Bookings are possible by telephone on +32 2 270 81 96 or via our contact page.

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