Facial Massage 25’

  • € 42,00 (p.p.)

A massage of the head can be performed with both the hands and the fingertips. Triggering certain pressure points in the head stimulates the blood flow in the head and toxins are more easily disposed of, which will certainly have a positive effect on your beauty and radiance!

A massage of the scalp represents sheer enjoyment. It provides not only physical, but also mental relaxation. It has a positive effect on the brain and the nervous system and promotes concentration. Both men and women conduct this massage.

Buy our hydrating gel mask and regularly treat yourself to a wonderful facial massage. You can leave the gel mask on your skin, it will be fully absorbed. No need to remove it! All our products are by Sirène, a line of skincare products developed exclusively for us in a Belgian lab. This means you can only buy these products at our wellness centres.

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