I have wrinkles

Beauty Clinic treatments for skin enhancement produces skin that is visibly more beautiful

First crow’s feet and fine lines starting to appear? Or are you suffering from dehydrated skin more easily? These are the first signs of skin ageing. Luckily, your skin is an amazing organ. With just a bit of TLC, you can help protect it and restore itself!

At our Beauty Clinic, we offer several skin enhancing facial treatments. Among them, our mesotherapy treatment, which helps nourish and repair the deeper skin layers through radiofrequency, and our oxygen therapy which tightens sagging skin by filling up the spaces between the skin cells (that have grown bigger through ageing) with oxygen. But do also check out our two combination treatments: micromesotherapy and microcryotherapy.

Here’s one top tip: taking good care of your skin and protecting it well is an absolute must. But do think beyond your daily skincare routine of cleansing milk, cleansing lotion and day cream. Add a gentle scrub now and again, which will keep your skin clean, as well as a face mask to nourish your skin.

Want to find out more? Do check out the suggested treatments below. Keen to book an appointment for one of these treatments now? Call us on +32 2 270 81 96. Still have questions and want a bit more info? Call us on the same number to book a free info session. 


This deep-cleansing facial treatment firms, and so rejuvenates, the skin. Radiofrequency opens up the cell structure of your skin, allowing the active ingredients of the skincare products used to be delivered all the way into the deeper skin layers. You can compare it to an injection into the cell nucleus. Only, no needles are used in this treatment, so it is completely painless.

This relaxing treatment boosts collagen and elastin production, making the skin firm and supple again. But this is also an effective treatment to reduce dark circles (fluid build-up) under the eyes, for instance.


Oxygen therapy

Oxygen is essential for healthy skin. In this facial treatment, oxygen is used to fill up the spaces between your skin cells, which tightens your skin and makes it firmer again. This treatment not only boosts oxygen supply but also collagen production. It totally revitalises your skin.

This treatment produces instant results!



Does your skin need a bit of a boost, but do you also suffer from impurities? This is the treatment for you. Micromesotherapy starts with a peeling that removes dead skin cells and impurities from the top skin layers. Not only does this leave you with beautifully clean skin, it also allows for the products used afterwards to be better absorbed. In addition, the gel regeneration kicks in, the production of elastin and collagen is stimulated and circulation is increased. The result? Clean, firm skin and a radiant complexion!



This revitalising facial treatment starts with a painless microcrystal peeling, followed by the cold therapy part of the treatment. The alternate exposure to hot and cold creates a pulsating action in your skin so that the active ingredients of the products used are delivered more quickly into your skin cells. The cold sensation relaxes the skin and gives it a real boost!



A revolutionary non-invasive treatment combining cold oxygen and warm radiofrequency energy with stunning results. The skin is nourished and repaired right down to the deeper skin layers and wrinkles are filled. Result: firmer, radiant skin!

The treatment is, of course, completely painless.


Free info session

Want a bit more info? Book an appointment for a free info session now! The beauty therapist will be happy to listen to your expectations and will suggest a personalised treatment plan. To book one of our free info sessions, call us on +32 2 270 81 96.

Free info session


Money-saving multi-treatment pass

For optimal results, we recommend a course of several treatments. How many you should take is something you can, of course, discuss with your beauty therapist. Especially for these treatment courses, we offer a multi-treatment pass of five or ten treatments with amazing savings of up to 150 euros!

Want to buy a multi-treatment pass? Get yours during your visit to our Beauty Clinic. Multi-treatment passes can’t be bought in our online shop. You can, of course, also book these treatments as an individual facial treatment for a one-off skin boost

Money-saving multi-treatment pass


What can you do at home?

There is a lot you can do at home to keep your skin firm and youthful. A proper cleanse is the basis of good skincare, so a cleansing milk and lotion, a gentle peeling and a day cream are definite must-haves in your bathroom cabinet.

Added to those, for a skin rejuvenating effect, you will need a few skin-lifting products. Think, for instance, of our snail serum or collagen mask which stimulates collagen production or take a look at our eye-contour products, including eye cream, eye gel or eye pads.

All our products are by Sirène, a line of skincare products developed exclusively for us in a Belgian lab. You can only buy them at our centres. Ask our beauty therapist about them during your visit, she will be happy to give you advice tailored to your skin type