I suffer from redness/sensitive skin or rosacea

Our Beauty Clinic treatments for skin enhancement, relief for sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive, easily irritated skin and do you often have redness as a result? Or do you suffer from rosacea (an annoying skin condition but luckily not harmful)? The beauty therapists at our Beauty Clinic will give you skincare advice to help make your skin less sensitive!

Here's one great tip: apply a good day cream every morning. This will protect your skin from external aggressors such as sun, cold wind and exhaust fumes. For more advice, check out our mesotherapy and cryotherapy facial treatments, two treatments that will strengthen your skin from the inside out. Of course, we are also happy to share skincare tips with you during the treatment about how to best look after your skin at home. So, if you want more info, don’t hesitate to ask our beauty specialist!

Below, you can find out all about the two facial treatments mentioned. You can buy a gift voucher in our online shop to treat someone or you can call us now (+32 2 270 81 96) or fill out our contact form to book your first appointment. Want a bit more info first? Check out our free info session option!



This powerful, skin rejuvenating facial treatment delivers the active ingredients of the skincare products used all the way into the deeper skin layers, nourishing while at the same time soothing your skin. What’s more, it firms capillaries, which reduces rosacea symptoms. Combined with the right products, this treatment will help improve skin sensitivity.



Cryotherapy or cold therapy soothes the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, causes blood vessels to narrow and reduces fluid build-up. But it is also a skin rejuvenating facial treatment. The alternate exposure to hot and cold boosts circulation so that the active ingredients of the skincare products used are delivered faster into the skin cells and waste products are removed more efficiently. What’s more, this treatment also increases natural collagen production, making your skin firmer again.


Money-saving multi-treatment pass

Obviously, you can book these treatments as an individual treatment, to revitalise or soothe your skin perhaps. If, however, you want a more intensive and/or long-lasting result, we recommend a (short) course of treatments. How many treatments depends on your specific skin type and the desired result. Discuss your expectations with our beauty therapist and she will be happy to suggest a personalised treatment plan for you.

Decided to have a course of treatments? We offer a money-saving multi-treatment pass (five or ten treatments), with a discount of 50 to 150 euros!

Multi-treatment pass Beauty Clinic


Free info session

Still have questions? Or would you like to have a chat about whether or not one of these treatments would be suitable for you? Visit us for a free info session and share your expectations with our beauty therapist. She will be very happy to give you advice and suggest a personalised treatment plan.

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What can you do at home?

To keep your skin healthy, it is important to cleanse and look after it well. We offer a line of skincare products tailor-made for sensitive skin, including a cleansing milk and lotion, a hypersensitive day and night cream, an eye cream for if you have dry skin around the eyes, a hydrating gel mask and a collagen sheet mask to boost natural collagen production.

All products are by Sirène, a skincare line developed for us in a Belgian lab and only available to buy at our centres. Ask your beauty therapist about it, she will be happy to help you!