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Going back to school or work after the summer holidays is something almost everyone struggles with. But we believe that’s easy to remedy. Nip stress in the bud and start the new school year relaxed thanks to our tips!

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Preparation, preparation, preparation

Make sure to start buying new school gear well in advance and let your kids pick their new school bags. Have a think about what exercise books, ballpoint pens etc they need and stock up, so you don’t have to race from one shop to the next that busy first weekend in September.

Is your child going to a new school? Do a couple of practice runs of the new route beforehand. Cycle to school together, show them what bus/train they have to take and tell them what they need to do in case of emergency.

Enough sleep

At the end of the holidays, send the kids to bed on time and don’t let them sleep in too late. That way, they can already get used to the routine of a normal school day. Make sure they get enough sleep: a four-year-old needs about 12 hours sleep, while eight to ten hours is enough for a fifteen-year-old.

Stress-free morning

Here, too, the key to success is all about preparation. For a stress-free morning, get as much as possible ready in the evening: pick outfits for the whole family, pack school and gym bags, set the breakfast table and prepare as much as possible of your lunch and snacks. This way, you don’t have to start doing all of that in the morning. Another important tip: set your alarm clock a little earlier. Some extra time to take things easy can make a world of difference for your mood.

Learning is fun

Is your child a bit anxious about the new things they will be learning? Be creative and incorporate learning opportunities in everyday life. For example, let your child go to the bakery by themselves. This not only teaches them to communicate, but also basic maths when paying the bill. Their confidence will instantly grow!

Schedule in time for relaxation

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If your child is starting primary school, they may have trouble sitting still for hours at first. So, after school, take a walk in nature, jump on the trampoline in the garden or have a pillow fight if the weather is bad. Make sure they can release any pent-up energy and tension before they have to start doing their homework or park themselves in front of the TV.

Do you have any other tips for a relaxed return to school/work?

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