Secrets to a gorgeus summer tan



Do you also fantasise about having a great, long-lasting tan? 

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We reveal our secrets for a gorgeous summer tan!

  • You tan more quickly close to water. The sun’s reflection in the water provides extra UV exposure. The same goes for white, so buy a white lilo or if on holiday in Greece, go sit on a terrace between the little whitewashed houses.
  • Apply a good quality aftersun lotion after your shower/bath, including once you are back home from your holiday. It hydrates your skin and makes your tan last longer.
  • Limit showers: Don’t shower too long and choose slightly colder water. Long, hot showers dry out your skin, so it will start to peel sooner, which means you lose your tan more quickly.
  • Do enough exercise. People who exercise in the sun get a more even tan than someone who lies on their towel all day long. As you move around, your whole body is exposed more to the sun.
  • Include carrots, tomatoes, mangos, sweet potatoes, Brazil nuts and oats in your diet. These contain nutrients such as betacarotene that may promote quicker tanning.
  • And while you are lying by the water, have the occasional dip in the pool. A wet body tans more quickly. Obviously, don’t forget to apply a waterproof sunscreen.

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