Bathroom blunders



We spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom every day. A bit of soap here, a scrub there. And yet, we all make the same little mistakes. We have listed the three most common bathroom blunders below to help you avoid them!

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1.     Not cleansing your skin in the morning. Most people only think about cleansing their skin in the evening. But you should also cleanse it after a night’s sleep. At night, your skin repairs itself, excreting waste products in the process. To keep your skin healthy, these are best removed. What’s more, your skincare products are also better absorbed if your skin is clean.

2.     Using your fingers to scoop out your day cream (or other skincare products). It’s better to use a clean little spatula (or cotton bud) to scoop the product out of the pot and rub it on your hand. That way, you avoid introducing bacteria into your creams, which causes your products to go off more quickly.

3.     Pumping your mascara. Many people pump their mascara to remove excess product from their mascara wand. That’s not a good idea because this introduces oxygen and bacteria into your mascara, which means you end up with irritated eyes more quickly.

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