How much product do you need?



Short answer? Less is more, we are all using far too much product! This is how much product you really need.

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Cleanser = one hazelnut. Foam up and apply to your face with water, then rinse off.

Moisturiser = two raisins. Apply the product to the areas that need the most hydration first. If you really don’t have enough, use a little more.

Eye cream = one pine nut per eye. Don’t rub too hard on the sensitive skin around your eyes. It’s better to apply this product by gently patting it onto the skin. 

Night cream = one blueberry. Too much product is never good, especially at night because it will hinder the skin’s repair process.

Serum = one pea. Serum is often quite oily, so you only need a little. Apply the serum by gently patting it onto the skin, before your eye mask or day cream.

Sunscreen = one grape per body part. Don’t forget to reapply regularly to stay well protected from the sun!

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