Evening skin care routine



Throughout the day, your skin has to put up with a lot. Harmful substances in the air, wind and cold or exposure to the sun. So it’s very important to not only cleanse your skin properly, but to also nourish it well. This way, the products can have optimal effect at night.

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Use a mild cleansing milk to remove all the dirt. You can do this by putting some of the product on a cotton pad and then wiping your face. The disadvantage is that you will need several cotton pads, so this could take some time. It’s easier to wet your hands and distribute the cleansing milk over your face in a circular motion. Quick rinse and you’re finished. 

Are you wearing eye makeup? Remove this first with an eye makeup remover.

In the evening, it’s important to use a lotion after your cleansing milk. Because this will remove any remaining dirt, freshen up your skin and close your pores. Follow this with a serum and finally, your night cream. The big difference between a night and day cream is the texture. A day cream is softer and runnier, whereas a night cream is thicker and richer to nourish your skin at night.

Night time is also the perfect time to apply eye cream. Did you know, by the way, that you can also use this eye cream to reduce fine lines around your mouth?

If you do this routine every day, you will be finished in 10 minutes max. So, time is no excuse. Going to bed while still wearing your makeup is one of the worst things you can do to your skin!

What is your beauty routine?

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