Our most popular facial treatments, what do they involve?



At Thermae Grimbergen, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to facial treatments. Our three most popular treatments are the 25-, 50- and 80-minute treatments, but what exactly is the difference between them?

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Our shortest treatment of the three, the 25-minute facial treatment, focuses mainly on hydration. First up, a surface cleanse with a cleansing milk and lotion. Next, a gentle peeling with a lavender- and lemon-based product. As it dries, this product draws up all the impurities, after which it is rubbed away as it were, leaving your skin totally revitalised, glowing and radiant. And, to top things off, a facial massage with a hydrating gel mask. Two birds, one stone: the massage leaves you feeling totally relaxed and the gel mask will be completely absorbed by your skin, so there is no need to apply a day cream. 

The 50-minute facial treatment sets out to do two things: to deeply cleanse the skin and provide it with rich nourishment. The cleanse is done with a cleansing milk, lotion and gentle peeling, just like in the 25-minute treatment. This is followed by a relaxing facial massage, after which a clay mask is applied to cleanse the skin even more deeply and nourish it with vitamins. While the clay mask is left to work, you can bliss out during the heavenly head massage. The treatment ends with the application of a day cream suitable for your skin type, which protects your skin against external aggressors. 

Our 80-minute facial treatment is our most extensive one. It includes the same pampering you get in the 50-minute treatment, with the addition of a longer facial and head massage, a vapozone treatment during which blackheads are removed as much as possible with warm steam, and eyebrow grooming. This facial treatment will leave you feeling totally re-energised and looking your radiant best! 


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