How to tan better and stay tanned longer



Do you like a summer tan? Then don't forget to take good care of your skin! Not only is good sun protection important (read all about it on our blog, but regular scrubbing and daily moisturising are also a must!

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Before you go on holiday, you should not only pack your bags and empty the fridge, but also scrub your body. Don't like to do it yourself? At Thermae Grimbergen you can book a body scrub, and the beauticians will do it for you!

Are you trying it yourself? With these tips, you can be a professional! Go for a soft, mild scrub rather than a coarse granule. A mild grain will remove dead skin cells and impurities just as well. Don't scrub too often either, your skin renews itself about every month, so you definitely shouldn't do it every day.

After a peeling, your skin is silky smooth and can tan more evenly. Want to keep your summer tan longer? Then hydration is very important! After showering, apply an after sun cream, which will soothe your skin after sunbathing. Or choose a body lotion, which also moisturises well!

What tip do you have for summer skin care?

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