Sauna, the perfect way to boost your immunity this winter


Winter is really hard on your body and mind! It’s wet, cold and it gets dark early and stays dark for longer. The perfect time, in other words, to give yourself a little extra TLC. And, a day of sauna is a great way to boost your immunity!

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But how does having saunas benefit your immunity? In many ways, actually! In the sauna, your body temperature rises by about two degrees. This induces a kind of artificial fever that triggers several processes in your body to help it cool down again.

You start to sweat, which releases and removes waste products that had been stored in your tissues for a while, including excess sebum. Sweating also hydrates your skin’s epidermis and restores the PH balance. The result? Healthier, glowing skin.

Your lymph glands produce white blood cells. These blood cells are your body’s ‘little soldiers’, they fight off external invaders such as allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Your heart pumps harder. This increases blood flow, so that more blood and oxygen are supplied to your organs faster.

Every time you put your body through this, you are training it to become more efficient at fighting off germs and dealing with changes in temperature.

Is there a right way to have a sauna? Just follow the natural flow in our complex and everything will go smoothly. The temperatures in the saunas are first built up and then reduced again, with time for a little breather in the relaxation areas in between. Or, more specifically:

Before starting your sauna session, take a lukewarm shower to prepare your body for the heat.

Once in the sauna, make sure to listen to your body. When your organs are saturated with heat, alarm bells will start to go off. That’s the moment you need to leave the sauna to cool down.

Cool-down should take about fifteen minutes. It’s best to go for a short walk outside first, followed by a cold shower (start off at your feet and work your way up) and only then should you have a dip in the ice-cold plunge pool.

After cool-down, take a short break. And make sure you drink enough water to hydrate.

Once you have done all this, you can start all over again.

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