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A new series on our blog! Over the next few weeks, several team members of Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen will be sharing their Thermae favourites ...

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Manager Joke has been fascinated by the sauna world and different ways to relax all her life. She is very aware of the benefits of relaxation on body and mind. So much so that every morning, she does a short breathing exercise and carves out time at least three times a week for exercise. She prefers running in the woods because being in nature calms her. For her, other ways to relax include going to the sauna, having a massage now and then and sharing her feelings with the people around her instead of bottling things up.

Favourite massage

‘My favourite massage is the 80-minute Full Body Massage, because a massage can never be long enough. Your whole body is treated, you really are massaged from head to toe.’

Favourite treatment

‘I like having a micromesotherapy facial treatment because I want to take preventive action to slow down ageing. The crystals ensure a deep cleanse and the heat of the mesotherapy device relaxes me.’

Favourite sauna

‘My favourite sauna is the Kelo sauna, I love taking part in the special Aufguss sessions. It’s a very beautiful, spacious sauna with a big screen. The images and music accompanying the Aufguss sessions add an extra dimension to them. As part of my sauna visit, I also make sure to spend some time in the infrared sauna for its therapeutic effects.’

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