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A new series on our blog! Over the next few weeks, several team members of Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen will be sharing their Thermae favourites ...

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This time, it’s the turn of massage therapist Geert. He has worked at the Beauty Clinic of Thermae Grimbergen for many years, where he gives all kinds of massages. He loves exercising, including playing tennis and padel and cycling, and totally relaxes when practising his hobby. In his spare time, he builds model planes which he also actually flies. ‘I absolutely love working with wood, it’s very satisfying. And flying model planes in an open field, that connection with nature, makes me feel really calm and peaceful.’

Favourite product

‘I love nothing better than giving massages with a rosemary infused massage oil. It’s an energising scent that has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts concentration. The massage cream with lotus extracts is also one of my favourites. Lotus promotes deep relaxation, softens your skin and calms your mind.’

Favourite massage

‘I don’t particularly like being massaged. Because it’s my job, I think. I find myself lying there the whole time feeling and thinking: could I learn something here or wouldn’t it be better like this or like that? So, it’s not very relaxing then (laughs).’

Favourite treatment

‘I would really like to try a facial treatment, that’s totally different from what I do. Something I definitely should try to make time for!’

Favourite sauna

‘About once a month, I go to the public baths, that’s a real treat for me and when I do, a stint in the steam bath is my favourite part of the experience. I love the warmth there and the smell of eucalyptus opens up my airways. Also, during these evenings of wellness, I like taking part in a scrubbing session, my skin always looks and feels great afterwards.’

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