The timeless appeal of crystals



Crystals are regaining popularity. They've been used for centuries to promote health and happiness and are increasingly used today for their healing and soothing effects. Book the unique crystal facial massage at Thermae Grimbergen and experience the power of these precious stones!

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In ancient Egypt, crystals were imbued with symbolism and worn as amulets or jewellery. The Greeks and Romans associated crystals with mythological figures, wore them as jewellery, and used them for ritual purposes.

Over the years, they've acquired even greater symbolic meaning as their power became more widely understood. Today, they are used in holistic medicine and crystal therapy, among other practices.

At our Beauty Centre, you can book a holistic crystal face massage that draws on the purifying and soothing effects of amethyst, quartz, and rose quartz. This 25-minute treatment combines both manual massage and crystal massage techniques. Interested? Call +32 2 270 81 96 to make an appointment.

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