Oxygen Therapy 80'

  • € 125,00 (p.p.)

OFFER: This spring, you enjoy a 15-euro discount on all Beauty Clinic facial treatments. So, from 10 May to 02 July 2024, you only pay 110 euros instead of 125 euros for this oxygen therapy treatment. Please note, this offer is not available as a gift voucher, but you can buy a gift voucher for it via this page at the normal price. Call us on +32 (2) 270 81 96 or fill in our contact form to book your appointment now.

When you start getting wrinkles, that means that the cell structure of your skin is changing. The space between two cells is growing bigger, causing your skin to sag a bit. This ‘sagging’ is a fine line or a wrinkle and it is tackled during this treatment by filling up the space with oxygen, making your skin tighter again. What’s more, oxygen has the property of binding active substances to itself and so it takes the active ingredients of skin rejuvenating serums, for instance, with it, all the way into the deeper skin layers. That is where the foundation is laid for healthy, elastic, firm skin. In short, this device is not only great for skin rejuvenating facial treatments, but can also be used to help combat redness or as part of a preventive skincare regime.

Do you have a party to go to and do you really want to be the radiant centre of attention? This Oxygen Therapy is perfect as an individual treatment. Prefer a more long-lasting, intensive result instead? We recommend a course of treatments with our money-saving multi-treatment passes. With this pass, you enjoy a 50- to 150-euro discount compared to individual bookings.

Want a bit more information about this treatment? Book an info session with one of our beauty therapists and ask her all your questions. She will be happy to tell you everything you want to know and if so desired, will suggest a personalised treatment plan!

Please note: This treatment can only be booked at Thermae Grimbergen.

Bookings are possible by telephone on +32 2 270 81 96 or via our contact page.

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