Winter wellness outing

Soak up the relaxing holiday atmosphere at the green wellness oasis of Thermae Grimbergen or at the historic castle estate of Thermae Boetfort

At both locations, you can use the sauna and wellness facilities in swimwear and in the nude, with several custom saunas, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, steam baths and other wellness baths to explore. In addition to the public baths, there are also private saunas, for a truly private sauna and wellness experience with your own party.

Complete your wellness outing by booking a massage or treatment in the Beauty Clinic, having a delicious bite to eat in the restaurant, or making a real holiday of it by spending the night in one of our stunning hotel rooms.

Do check out our seasonal offers. We have several options for you to choose from at Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen; among them, packages with entry to the public baths and/or a private sauna session. We even offer a package without sauna for those of you who prefer a pampering beauty treatment only.

Are you planning on visiting our wellness centres several times? Then you may want to get a multi-visit pass! This gives you 10, 20 or 50 entries to the thermal baths of Thermae Boetfort and/or Thermae Grimbergen at a great price!

Extra inexpensive mini break at Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen

Besides providing all-inclusive multi-day packages, Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen also give you the option to put together your perfect sauna holiday. How about combining an overnight stay at our hotel with one or more days’ entry to the public baths or a few hours in one of our private saunas? And, you may as well add a massage or facial treatment while you are at it. After all, a little bit of extra pampering never hurt anyone, right?


Sauna vacation Thermae Grimbergen: multi-day packages

Check-out our wonderful, budget-friendly packages! Among them, Chronos, a package with a one-night stay in a Superior or Deluxe room at the Thermae Grimbergen Hotel. Also included are two days’ entry to the public baths, with a nude and swimwear area for you to enjoy your wellness your way, provided you respect the dress code, of course. What’s more, as our guest, you can take part in the daily wellness programme to your heart’s content, with various Aufguss, scrubbing and relaxation sessions to choose from. In the morning, a generous breakfast buffet awaits you and the use of bath linen is included in the price too. Topping off this wellness experience are three blissful treatments: a skin-cleansing body peeling, a wonderful massage and a hydrating wrap with Dead Sea extracts. While these extracts work their magic, you are pampered with a relaxing facial treatment.

Not really into massages and treatments, but more of a sauna and wellness fan? Our Bed & Wellness formula is the package for you!


Sauna vacation Thermae Boetfort: multi-day packages

Nox is our two-day package with three treatments: a relaxing Queens bath, a hydrating gel wrap and a blissful Body Relax Massage. Artemis is a three-day package with no fewer than six wonderful treatments!

Thermae Boetfort also offers a formula with entry to the public baths and an overnight stay, but without treatments: the Sleep & Sauna package! All three packages give you a choice of hotel room type: a Classic room in a separate building across the street, or a Superior or Deluxe room within the castle estate.

The icing on the cake is our festive Celebration package, consisting of a private sauna session, with a chilled bottle of cava and snacks served in the sauna, two days’ unlimited entry to the public baths and a few wonderful treatments. You will be staying within the castle estate, in a Superior or Deluxe room, so you can roll out of bed and walk straight into the thermal baths in your bathrobe!

Sauna vacation for one day

Of course, both Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen also offer several one-day packages, with some fabulous Beauty, Massage and Private Sauna Packages to choose from.

If you just want to book a session in our private sauna (without any treatments or hotel accommodation), you can do so quickly and easily online. Click here to book a private sauna session at Thermae Boetfort and here to book one at Thermae Grimbergen.