Are you suffering from excess hair growth? At Thermae Boetfort, you have a wide choice of different epilations. Your eyebrows are done with tweezers, all other epilations are performed with hot wax.

    (*) These epilations have to be taken two at a time or in combination with a facial treatment.

    • Chin* 15,00 EUR
    • Upperlip* 15,00 EUR
    • Eyebrows* 15,00 EUR
    • Chin and upperlip* 20,00 EUR
    • Armpits 22,00 EUR
    • Bikini 30,00 EUR (only for women)
    • Lower legs and knees 35,00 EUR
    • Underarms 35,00 EUR
    • Back 41,00 EUR
    • Upper and lower legs 58,00 EUR

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