Maderotherapy 50 mins

  • € 65,00 (p.p.)

Do you suffer from cellulite and are you looking for a relaxing way to tackle this problem? We have just the treatment for you! Maderotherapy, also known as wood therapy, is a body sculpting connective tissue massage from Colombia. Cellulite is fat cells that are clumped together or connective tissue that is stuck together, which results in dimpling of the skin. The massage loosens this up, stimulating lymphatic drainage in the process, which ensures a more efficient removal of waste products.

While this is quite a vigorous massage, it’s also relaxing. After all, cellulite is found just beneath the skin’s surface and not in your muscles, so there is no need to massage too hard. After the treatment, your skin may be a bit red but that’s perfectly normal. To ensure the best result, we recommend a course of treatments. As the treatments progress, you will notice your connective tissue becoming more supple.

Price: 65 euros for one treatment

Want to book a course of treatments? Take advantage of our amazing discount!

5+1: Book a five-treatment course and you will get the sixth treatment free. You pay 325 euros, so that is a 65-euro discount.

10+2: Or go all out and get our ten-treatment pass, with which you get the eleventh and twelfth treatment free plus an anti-cellulite cream worth 19.60 euros for use at home. This package costs 650 euros, giving you a discount of 149.60 euros!

These packages are not available to buy online. If you are interested in getting a five or ten-treatment pass, simply ask the beauty therapist during your treatment or you can buy one when checking in or out at reception.

Would you like to try this treatment? Call us on +32 2 759 81 96 to book an appointment now or fill in our contact form .

Maderotherapy is given by both male and female massage therapists and cannot be booked with more than one person at a time.

Have you heard of our anti-cellulite cream? With this product you can continue the treatment at home and support the results. Are you interested? Ask your beautician for more information.

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