Crystal face massage 45 mins.

  • € 73,00 (p.p.)

Massage is the cornerstone of holistic medicine, offering remarkable benefits for both your physical and mental health. Crystals are versatile natural minerals, each with their own unique vibration, that can be used to realign our own natural vibrations.

Quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst are known as the golden triangle because they complement and reinforce one another. These crystals have powerful healing properties. Amethyst purifies and protects the skin. Quartz is known for removing toxins and reducing swelling and puffiness. And rose quartz soothes irritation and rejuvenates the skin thanks to its high silicon dioxide content.

For a relaxing result, request amethyst as your base crystal. For a more invigorating experience, request the clear quartz. Both crystals are used in combination with rose quartz.

During this massage, the therapist will alternate between manual and crystal massage techniques with the help of an argan-based massage oil. The therapist chooses the crystals intuitively. We recommend drinking plenty of water after your massage to help support the detoxification process.

All crystal massages are different. The massage therapist will determine what you or your skin needs at that moment.

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