Hold onto that holiday feeling


Officially, summer ends and autumn starts on 23 September. By now, pretty much everyone has returned from their holidays and resumed their everyday lives. But don’t be glum, we are here to help you hold onto that special holiday feeling a bit longer and keep stress at bay!

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These few tips can work wonders:

  • Continue using your summer products once back at home. Maybe you bought a lovely coconut scrub on holiday? Or just keep using your sunscreen as a body lotion. Its scent will have you in a holiday mood in no time.
  • Whatever your holiday destination, you probably dined out at a local restaurant now and then. Why not serve one of your favourite holiday dishes at home? Maybe some Spanish tapas, a typical Italian pasta dish or Mexican tacos?
  • Spend as much time as possible outdoors. Nature is a great stress reliever. Go for a lovely walk in the woods at the weekend or maybe there is a city beach near you where you can enjoy a summery cocktail?
  • Do something with your holiday snaps. Create a beautiful photo album, post them on your social media or make a beautiful garland and hang it above your sofa. That way, you can revisit all those lovely places and remember your wonderful holiday fondly.
  • Last but not least, start planning your next holiday. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a weeks-long summer holiday, because you can already fully recharge your batteries during a weekend break. Need some inspiration? You are bound to find something you like among our multi-day packages.

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