It's foot pampering time!



Walking around in closed shoes all day long takes its toll on your poor feet. Time to turn your bathroom into a beauty salon for a while and treat your feet to a pedicure!

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Start with a footbath. Add a little lavender soap to the warm water. This has a relaxing, but also cleansing effect.

Carefully dry your feet and remove any hard skin with a foot file or pumice stone. File your nails in a nice shape, tend to your cuticles and give yourself a foot massage with a hydrating foot cream. Have you tried our Sirène foot cream with mint extracts yet? Wonderfully refreshing! 

Want to apply nail polish? Degrease your nails first and start by applying a coat of clear nail polish. This prevents your nails from discolouring. Next, apply two coats of your coloured nail polish. Want extra shine? Finish off with an extra-clear layer of polish.


All the products used in our beauty clinic are by the Sirène brand. A line of beauty products developed exclusively for and produced in a Belgian lab.

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