Addicted to lip balm?



Do you also carry lip balm around with you all winter? You are not alone; it seems there are lots of ‘addicts’. Here are five things you may not have known about lip balm.

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1.     Lip balm doesn’t moisturise your lips at all. What it does do is add a protective coating. This prevents your lips from drying out and keeps them lovely and soft.

2.     Your lip balm expires after two years. Chances are that it is long gone by then, of course.

3.     You can also use this product on other areas of your body. On dry, broken skin on your nose, for instance, or you can rub it on your cuticles to make them softer.

4.     Lip balm has been used for many centuries. One of the historically oldest users is Cleopatra. She had a product made especially for her based on beeswax.

5.     We started off by asking whether you were addicted to lip balm, but that is impossible, of course. The product contains no addictive ingredients. So, the urge to apply lip balm is all in your head!

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