Etiquette in the sauna


There are a few unwritten rules that ensure everyone enjoys their sauna visit. This includes leaving your mobile phone at home or in your locker. That way, you, and the other sauna visitors, won’t get disturbed.

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Start the day with a shower, so you are completely clean when you enter the sauna and your sweat doesn’t smell. You also need to have a shower after every sauna session and toilet visit.

Make sure your whole body is positioned on a towel in the sauna. This stops your sweat from penetrating the wooden benches and ensures that the person after you has a clean place in the sauna.

Respect the quiet in the sauna. If you want to talk, visit our whisper sauna.

Respect the dress code. You must wear swimwear in the swimwear section and in the nude section, our wellness facilities are to be enjoyed in the nude.

Staring is rude, not only when standing in line at the bakery, but definitely when you and everyone else around you is naked in the shower or sauna.

There is no place for consensual sexual contact or unwanted sexual advances in a public sauna. Anyone caught will be banned from our centre.

Finally: do you have any medical conditions or are you pregnant? Make sure to check with your doctor first to see whether it is okay for you to have a sauna.

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