Hide dark under-eye circles



The skin under your eyes is very thin, because it contains no fat tissue. When you have had too much to drink or haven’t had enough sleep, for instance, your blood flows more slowly and is darker in colour.

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And, because the skin under your eyes is so thin, this creates dark circles. Other causes include an unhealthy diet, spending too much time in front of your computer and stress.

What can you do about it?

Do you not only suffer from dark circles but also puffiness under your eyes? Put a cold, used tea bag on your eyes for ten minutes and the tannin (in black tea) will reduce the puffiness.

Another natural eye mask that should work wonders is a cucumber slice, which is very hydrating.

Do you get this it a lot? Consider investing in a good eye gel. This provides hydration and contains the right vitamins. Make sure to apply this product gently, without rubbing too hard. 

A concealer may help hide dark circles. Apply concealer before you apply your foundation. And don’t forget to go right into the corner of your eye by your nose. Most people apply cream under their eyes but forget about this dark spot.

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