Face mask on? Adapt your skincare regime!



These days, face masks are everywhere. While some of us only wear a face mask to go to the shops, the rest of us have to wear one all day long at work. Unfortunately, this new ‘accessory’ isn’t always kind to our skin. We are happy to share our tips to make wearing a face mask a bit more bearable!

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Research by the University of Antwerp has shown that wearing a face mask can cause more acne, pain around the eyes and ears, and headaches. Just over 50% of Belgians choose to wear a reusable face mask, so, obviously, good hygiene is important. Wash your face mask daily and choose a soft fabric that doesn’t irritate your skin.

An amazing 15% percent of Belgians suffers from more acne or other skin rashes as a result of having to wear a face mask. And yet, taking good care of your skin is child’s play. In the morning and evening, clean your face with water and a cleanser. This removes surface dirt.

It’s also very important to moisturise properly when wearing a face mask. Well-moisturised skin is not only more beautiful, but also better protected against external aggressors! So, make sure to apply a nourishing day and night cream, suitable for your skin type. Try to carry out your daily beauty regime an hour before putting on your face mask. This reduces the risk of irritation or an allergic reaction.

Now that your face is nice and clean and nourished, it’s time to put on your face mask properly. By wearing it over clean skin and changing it on time, you will be less likely to suffer from annoying skin problems.

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