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We have a lovely new addition to our beauty product range: Kigelia Africana Skin Lift. The Kigelia africana is a large tree of the genus Bignonia, native to tropical Africa. The tree has large sausage-shaped fruit and big, red-purple flowers. The active ingredient in this day cream has two very distinct properties: it soothes the skin, and it stimulates the natural regeneration of skin cells.

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This makes it the perfect cream not only in the fight against acne, but also against ageing. It helps repair the damage caused by free radicals and contains antioxidants that firm the skin, lighten pigmentation, improve circulation and strengthen collagen fibres. What’s more, Kigelia Africana Skin Lift is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. And, it’s a fabulous summer day cream too, because it also soothes sunburnt skin! Get your 50ml jar of this summer’s must-have beauty product for 33.75 euros.

Prefer to be pampered by our beauticians instead? Check out our extensive range of facial treatments, there really is something for everyone!

The 25-minute facial treatment (price: 37 euros) is a basic facial treatment. Great for men, for very young skin or for those of you who are new to facial treatments. First, your skin is cleansed with a cleansing milk, lotion and gentle peeling. This is followed by a massage with a hydrating gel mask that is completely absorbed by the skin.

The 50-minute facial treatment (61 euros) also starts with a cleanse with a cleansing milk, lotion and gentle peeling. This treatment further includes a purifying clay mask, head massage, face massage with a light massage cream, and the application of a day cream.

The 80-minute facial treatment (price: 85 euros) steps things up with extra pampering. Blackheads are removed with the use of a vapozone, and the treatment also includes eyebrow shaping and a longer head and face massage.

The pro-lifting deluxe facial treatment of 80 minutes (price: 95 euros) is an anti-ageing treatment during which your skin is first cleansed with milk, lotion and a peeling, then pampered with a serum to boost collagen production. The treatment continues with lymph drainage and modelage with a cream suitable for your skin type, a firming alginate mask and a day cream.

The 80-minute mineral facial treatment with eye treatment and products based on rhodolite is another anti-ageing facial treatment. Rhodolite is a mineral that boosts natural collagen production. Collagen is a protein that ensures your skin is firm and looks radiant. What’s more, during this treatment, particular attention is given to the skin around your eyes, which is a bit more sensitive and is where the first signs of ageing are most visible. Thanks to special eye pads, dark circles and fine lines are reduced!

The 50-minute facial treatment with collagen (price: 67 euros) is a treatment that restores the skin. The face mask used is based on the plant stem cells of a Swiss apple that is known for not spoiling very quickly. These extracts ensure that the natural stem cells of your skin (which decrease as you grow older) are better protected and can restore themselves faster, making your skin firmer and more resilient.

Finally, there is also our 50-minute facial treatment with snail gel (price: 65 euros). Snail gel is an amazing product. It soothes and restores your skin because it is rich in allantoin. This substance boosts the production of new skin cells and collagen. It also contains antioxidants that help repair your skin tissue, as well as proteins that have a soothing effect and provide hydration.

Fancy a facial treatment? We offer them daily, between 10:30 and 19:00. To book yours, call +32 2 759 81 96 now!

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