A group visit to Thermae Boetfort



A group visit to Thermae Boetfort

So, you are wondering whether you can enjoy your sauna and wellness experience at Thermae Boetfort with a group of people? Absolutely! But we do ask you to book in advance for groups of five and over (with treatments) or groups of six and over (without treatments). You can do so by emailing us at least one week in advance at planningboetfort@thermae.com.

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Making a booking

Please provide the following details:

-          The date you wish to visit and the estimated arrival and departure times.

-          The number of people in your group, including their names if you already wish to provide them at the time of booking.

-          Whether you want to visit the public baths or book a private sauna session.

-          Whether you plan on having something to eat. If so, we kindly ask you to limit the options to five different dishes for groups of eight and over. You have a choice of the standard menu or ask us about our special group menu.

-          Whether you want to have a massage, facial or body treatment. Check out our range of massages and treatments and tell us which ones you would like to book.

-          A telephone number we can contact the person responsible for the group booking on.

Based on this information, we will be happy to advise you on your specific situation.

Want to book a treatment/massage for groups of fewer than five people? Call us on +32 2 759 81 96 and we will gladly sort this out for you by telephone.

Some extra advice

Everyone is, of course, welcome at our public baths, but we have one golden rule: respect the silence of your fellow wellness lovers. This applies to groups, too, so please make sure you and your group observe the peace and quiet at our wellness centre. Obviously, you can have a good chat when you are having something to eat and/or drink at the restaurant or on the terrace.

We provide both a swimwear and a nude area at our centre. An entry ticket to the public baths gives you access to both areas, of course, providing you observe the dress code of these areas. So, you shouldn’t be taking a look around the nude area in your swimsuit.

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