Sauna in the spotlight: Kelo sauna


The Kelo sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna in the swimwear area of Thermae Boetfort.  

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The sauna cabin is made of kelo wood, a type of wood that absorbs heat well and then slowly releases it. That makes this the ideal sauna for Aufguss sessions, which we have here daily! So, those of you who prefer having your saunas in swimwear get to enjoy a real Aufguss session too.

At 65°C, the temperature in this sauna is not too hot. Perfect for the sauna ritual novice. Aufguss, what exactly is it? You are in the sauna with the Aufguss master who pours water infused with essential oil onto the hot stones. This diffuses a strong aroma, increases the humidity and temperature. The Aufguss master then walks around, flapping a towel or fan, which wafts a burst of hot air over your body. A real adrenaline rush! You will get hot and start to sweat, your circulation is boosted. This really is a unique experience!

By the way, the stunning murals in the Kelo sauna add to its special appeal! They were created by our house painter Ricardo.

Have you tried an Aufguss session in the Kelo sauna yet?

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