In the spotlight: Laconium


In the spotlight this week, one of our truly unique facilities: the Laconium! 

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The Laconium in the swimwear area of Thermae Boetfort is not your regular sauna. In this room, you sit on a towel on stone instead of wooden benches and you enjoy two different infrared therapies. The traditional infrared therapy, with red light, and FAR infrared therapy, with white panels that emit infrared rays that while invisible to the human eye, you can most definitely feel!

The big difference with a traditional sauna is that an infrared sauna warms your body as opposed to the air around you, the way a Finnish sauna does. This causes an increase in your body temperature. Infrared therapy has many benefits. Being a lot less hot than a traditional sauna, this is a perfect sauna option for those of you who don’t do too well in really hot temperatures. What’s more, the humidity is a lot lower too, so it is easier to breathe.

Infrared sauna alleviates muscle aches and pains, great for both serious athletes and recreational exercisers, for instance, because it eases tight, stiff muscles. It also stimulates circulation. This ensures a more efficient oxygen and nutrient delivery to the cells in your body, which helps your body recover more quickly. And, it is also believed to have a positive effect on skin problems such as eczema.

Which do you prefer? A regular or infrared sauna? 

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