Sauna in the spotlight: Whisper sauna


In the spotlight this week, the only sauna in Thermae Boetfort where you are allowed to talk: welcome to our Whisper sauna! 

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This is a traditional Finnish sauna with a temperature of 80°C and eucalyptus infused water is regularly poured on the stones. Eucalyptus clears your airways and boosts your immunity. And, it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties too. That makes this the perfect sauna to help get you ready for the colder seasons!

Whisper sauna, what exactly does this mean? In all our other saunas, we ask our sauna users to be quiet, but in this one, you are allowed to talk. Obviously, the idea is to do this calmly and quietly to avoid disturbing the other sauna users.

What do you think of our Whisper sauna? Like it? Or not really your thing?

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