Saunas in the winter


There are many benefits to having a sauna in the winter!

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Obviously, we are big sauna fans whatever the season. But did you know that having saunas in the winter has different health benefits than in the summer? Below, we list all the positive effects of winter sauna visits.

Lack of daylight in the winter can make you feel tired, down or irritable more quickly. Regular sauna visits help prevent a dip in mood in the winter because the heat stimulates your body to produce more melatonin, which promotes better sleep. In addition, your body also produces serotonin, a natural antidepressant, as well as endorphins, making you feel relaxed. So, saunas really do give you a positive mental boost.

Physically, there are also lots of benefits. Having a sauna cleanses your body as it were because you start to sweat and blood flow increases. As a result, waste products are removed more quickly and there is an increase in oxygen supply throughout your body. Your body also produces more antibodies, giving you better protection from typical winter ailments.

Worried about catching a cold from walking around naked? Don’t be! After spending time in the sauna, your body is more than warm enough to allow you to walk out of the sauna straight into the cold winter air without any problems. What’s more, you can easily spend a few minutes outside without running the risk of getting ill. But do wear your spa slippers and once you stop sweating after your sauna and your heartbeat has returned to normal, it’s time to cool down with water. Don’t jump straight into the cold plunge pool but start your cooldown with a cold shower.

So, how do you know that you have cooled down properly? Read our tips! 

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