Cleanse your skin during our scrubbing sessions


Every day, several scrubbing sessions are organised in our steam baths, which you, as our sauna guest, can take part in for free.

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Every morning, a scrubbing session is organised both in the steam bath of the swimwear area and of the nude area. During this session, the Aufguss master gives you salt to scrub your body with. The heat and humidity in the steam bath cause your pores to widen, making it easier to scrub your skin. Doing regular peelings removes dead skin cells and impurities and helps keep your skin radiant and healthy.

As part of the session, the Aufguss master walks around waving a fan or flapping a towel. This thrusts bursts of hot air over you, giving you an even more intense, unique heat experience. 

And, if you fancy something even more special, try our herbal scrub! This scrubbing session takes place in the evening and the salt scrub used in this session has herbs mixed into it that are known for their relaxing properties, among other things. At the end of this herbal scrubbing session, you are given a moisturising face cream.

Have you taken part yet in a scrubbing session at Thermae Boetfort?

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