Why you should go offline more often


Do you regularly put down your mobile phone or are you constantly reachable? Taking time to go offline reduces stress, promotes better sleep and boosts your creativity!

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Did you know that nine in ten Flemish people have a mobile phone and that, on average, we spend two-and-a-half hours on it? Or that young people today receive some hundred messages a day, which they also respond to? Crazy figures, right?

Especially when numerous scientific studies have shown the benefits of going offline. One finding is that you are less focused when your mobile phone is nearby. It doesn’t even have to be switched on, the mere fact of it being there is enough of a distraction.

So, the goal is to go offline for a few hours a day. But not just to go offline, but actually put away your mobile phone. You will find that you are able to focus better when you do.

Your brain needs a break from external stimuli, so don’t take your smartphone with you every time you go to the toilet or just resist the temptation to take your mobile out of your pocket when you are in a queue. Have a look around, daydream a little, let your creativity flow!

What’s more, always being reachable causes stress. We are all afraid to miss something. Just go offline for a couple of hours and you will see that most likely nothing earth-shattering has happened while you were on your digital break!

Especially right before going to bed, it’s best to limit your screen time. The so-called blue light suppresses the production of melatonin. You need this sleep hormone to be able to fall asleep easily.

Do you find it hard to put down your mobile phone at home? Why not practise at our centres? Smartphones and other digital devices are forbidden in our public baths. You must leave them in your locker. We bet that after a couple of hours of being phone-free, you feel totally relaxed. And, you won’t even have missed anything that important.

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