How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



Love should be celebrated year-round, but 14 February is the perfect time to lavish extra attention on your special someone. In this article, we explain how this romantic day is celebrated around the world!

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries, but not everywhere. In Russia, the Middle East, and the Arab world, for instance, Valentine’s Day is officially banned.


The Danes take a more humorous approach to Valentine’s Day by writing funny yet thoughtful poems for their loved ones. The Japanese celebrate it twice: on 14 February, women give men homemade chocolates, and on 14 March, men treat the special women in their lives to chocolates or sweets. Valentine's Day isn’t just for lovers: you can also give a gift to friends or colleagues on this holiday.


In Finland, Valentine’s Day is known as Ystävänpäivä or ‘Friend’s Day’ and in Portugal it’s known as Dia dos Namorados.


In Taiwan, the traditional gift is roses, with the number of flowers carrying a specific symbolic meaning: 99 flowers represents eternal love and 108 flowers means ‘marry me’.


While 90% of Flemish people consider Valentine's Day to be overly commercialised, 40% feel like doing something special for their loved ones on 14 February. We spend less than 20 euros on average, with men taking the lead in gift-giving.


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