Three amazing massages for melting away stress!



Feeling overwhelmed? Our blissful massages will melt away stress and help you forget your worries. Keep reading for three of our favourites!

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Our popular 80-minute Full Body Massage is pure indulgence! Feel your tension melt away during this extra-long head-to-toe massage. If you want to combine a massage with a day at the sauna, check out our Heracles package

Or perhaps our new Head Spa is just the thing you need? This treatment includes a luxurious 50-minute head and face massage. It's like going to the hair salon, only better and longer! The Head Spa also does wonders for your hair, leaving you with shiny, healthy, happy locks.

Our final recommendation is the holistic crystal massage. During this incredibly relaxing treatment, the therapist uses a combination of manual and crystal massage techniques to help you relax and to improve your complexion.

If you feel like booking a different massage instead, have a look at our full range! 

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