Thermae helps protect the environment



Every day, a huge number of plastic bottles are used, a large proportion of which end up in our seas and oceans. The success of initiatives such as Mei Plasticvrij in Belgium has shown that we are becoming more and more aware of the problem. At, we, too, are passionate about doing our bit to protect the environment.

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One way we are doing this is by making our Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen wellness centres completely PET-free. We are replacing all plastic bottles with glass bottles (in the restaurant) and reusable cups (in the wellness area).

In the restaurant, we offer both our own and branded bottled water (Evian/San Pellegrino).

Bringing your own food and drinks from home is not allowed, including in the lockers. Our staff carry out regular checks to ensure this rule is observed.

Practical info:

  • You can pick up a reusable cup that you can take with you to the thermal baths from the restaurant for a small deposit of 5 euros.
  • You can have your cup filled in the restaurant or in the Silence bar for 0,95 euros (20 cl) - 1,95 euros (50 cl) - 3,75 euros (1 l).
  • There are also free drinking fountains in the thermal baths.

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