Halotherapy and eczema



When you spend the day at the thermal baths, you can take part in an extensive wellness programme. Among the rituals offered: halotherapy. During this ritual, you enjoy the benefits of salt as you lie down in a salt room, the walls, floor and ceiling of which are completely covered in mineral salts. On top of this, salt is also dispersed in the room.

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Salt has many health benefits, among them, its positive effect on the skin. It offers people with eczema or psoriasis a natural treatment that inhibits infection, which results in less itching. Halotherapy cleanses the skin, so you suffer less from flaky skin. It stimulates circulation, which in turn boosts skin cell renewal and improves the supply of nutrients to the skin cells.

Want to give it a try? At Thermae Boetfort, you can take part in halotherapy sessions at 14:30 and 17:30, while at Thermae Grimbergen, our halotherapy sessions start at 17:00 and 19:30. Participation is free, but you have to register in advance in the thermal baths.

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