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Are you, like so many of us these days, constantly chasing your tail? Maybe you need a break from sensory overload? The hectic pace of everyday life can be all-consuming. During the week, we are busy at work, we rush around doing the housework and/or looking after the kids, and on weekends, we seem to be racing from the gym to yet another party. One way to relax is to connect with nature for a while, which according to scientific research can even boost our happiness!

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Thermae Grimbergen is a stunning green estate, the perfect place to connect with nature. Our whole bodies are made up of natural elements, with over 75% of our bodies consisting of water! So, no wonder that we respond in such a positive way to nature.

Take a much-needed breather from the world for a while and feel totally free in the peaceful natural surroundings of Thermae Grimbergen. Be amazed by the gorgeous garden, take a dip in the natural swimming lake or enjoy a sauna with a green view. There are so many ways to connect with nature here. And remember to use all your senses: smell the fragrances of the flowers, listen to the wind rustling the leaves of the trees and watch the gentle swaying of the leaves. That is how nature helps you find a sense of calm.

  • Nature promotes better sleep.
  • Nature re-energises you.
  • Nature boosts your mental wellbeing.
  • And being in nature is even believed to reduce your risk of a heart attack because it lowers your blood pressure and your stress levels.

So, with all these wonderful health benefits associated with connecting with nature, we are more than convinced that spending time in the natural setting of Thermae Grimbergen does wonders for your health and wellbeing! We asked some of our team what they like about our green estate. Among them, Aufguss master Jonathan, who told us that he is a big fan of the wood-fired sauna. Not only because it’s so wonderfully hot and fired by a real wood burner, but especially for the view too! ‘The panoramic window gives a fantastic view of the natural swimming lake, it gives me a real sense of calm. Also, it’s a fabulous view all year round. In the winter, you can see the cold reflected in the water and in the summer, all the plants around the swimming lake are in glorious bloom!’

What is your favourite green spot at Thermae Grimbergen?

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