Halotherapy soothes skin problems



Halotherapy is not only incredibly relaxing, it also alleviates skin problems.

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Heard of halotherapy? Situated in the garden of the swimwear area of Thermae Grimbergen is our unique salt room. The walls, ceiling and floor of this room are completely covered in salt crystals. During a halotherapy session, medicinal salt is dispersed in the room. These salt particles are so small that you can’t feel or see them. But you can taste the salt, which is absorbed by your skin and inhaled by your lungs.

A salt room has a unique microclimate, similar to the purifying and curative climate of the traditional salt mines. While not a cure, a halotherapy session is an alternative therapy that may alleviate certain conditions, like some skin problems.

Take acne, for instance, in which sebum glands get infected. Or psoriasis, with its minor skin infections. And eczema, too, which is characterised by dry, flaky skin. The salt in a halotherapy session reduces inflammation, soothes the skin making it less itchy, and boosts your body’s ability to heal itself.

Halotherapy is not only beneficial for skin problems, but also for breathing problems such as asthma, hay fever, allergies or chronic colds, for instance. It is also a great supporting therapy for exercisers and athletes. Besides physical benefits, halotherapy is great for your mental health too. It restores balance and calm, reduces stress and helps you sleep better!

Want to try a halotherapy session? At Thermae Grimbergen, we organise two sessions a day, which our guests can take part in freely. You do have to register at the centre because spaces are limited. You will need to wear a bathrobe in the halotherapy session. If you are taking part because you have a skin problem, you should, of course, make sure that you can easily uncover the parts of your body you wish to treat. And, don’t forget to bring a towel to place under your body.

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