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New at Thermae Grimbergen: Mindful Moments! Five different unique relaxation experiences that make your sauna day extra special. The second experience we introduce to you is Breathe & Relax.

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This unique session uses the strength of your body through Range of Motion exercises and breathing techniques. By practising a few simple movements, you improve the range of motion of your joints and muscles, also known as ROM. Certain yoga poses are ideal for this, like the Downward-facing Dog or the Warrior poses. In this Breathe & Relax session, you will focus on breathing optimally as you move through the poses. For instance, breathing in or out as you transition from one pose to the next. By doing this correctly, you will be able to extend your range of motion and improve your breathing. In other words, you will have a better range of motion and breathe better when you regularly practise these exercises and breathing techniques.

Our Zen master tailors these sessions to the level of experience and ability of the participants. So, don’t worry that the exercises will be too difficult for you. This Mindful Moment really is suitable for people of all abilities.

When you breathe properly, you will find yourself relaxing more easily. And, when you are more relaxed, your range of motion improves. The techniques you learn during Mindful Moment: Breathe & Relax can also be applied in everyday life to help you manage stress and negative emotions better.

Obviously, the way you breathe also affects your sauna experience. There are different ways to sit in a sauna and thanks to the techniques learnt during Breathe & Relax, you will be able to be in the moment more during your sauna session but also during cooldown. And once you have mastered this, you will see that you can also start using these breathing techniques in your everyday life. For instance, when you have difficulty focussing or when you are angry and find it hard to deal with your feelings of anger.

When attending any of our five Mindful Moment sessions, you need to make sure that you turn up nice and relaxed to your session, not straight from the sauna or an Aufguss session. A fifteen-minute break before this Mindful Moment is enough to allow your circulation and breathing to settle so that you are in top condition to take part in this Breathe & Relax session. Also, don’t jump up as soon as your session has finished, but give your body and mind the time to let everything sink in for a while. That way, you will be able to get the most out of your session. Have a stroll around our stunning garden or just sit in our special relaxation areas a bit longer and savour the after-effects of the session.


Thermae Grimbergen: every Wednesday at 15:30 in the relaxation area (next to the Wood-fired sauna by the swimming lake).

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