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Make your sauna day extra special with a Mindful Moment! One definite must-try is our unique tea ritual, a scent and taste sensation that is wonderfully relaxing.

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Do you also love drinking a cup of tea in the morning in total peace and quiet before facing the day? Or maybe you like celebrating a special moment with a lovely cup of tea in good company? Then the Mindful Moment: Tea ritual is perfect for you!

Tea drinking has its origins in China and according to legend, it actually originated by accident. The Chinese emperor Shennong made his people boil water for hygiene reasons. One day, on his travels around his empire, he became thirsty. His servants boiled water and a few leaves of a bush accidentally fell into the water. The emperor drank the water and wondered what made it taste so delicious and what effect it had on his body. From then on, it became his mission to teach everyone to drink tea, and in the 17th century, this tea drinking habit also made its way over to Europe.

Tea drinking has since become a proper tea ritual in many places, to celebrate a special moment. At our centre, too, we have made tea drinking into a real art form. Our Zen master developed a unique tea ritual during which he makes tea on the hot stones of the Tibet sauna.

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