Our favourite massages for melting away stress!



If you’re feeling tense and overwhelmed, a luxurious massage is a great way to forget your worries! If you're not sure which massage to choose, keep reading for our top three favourites!

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Our brand-new crystal massage is so relaxing, even we were amazed by the results! If you’re looking for true relaxation, this heavenly massage is a must. We use specific crystals that help you relax and improve your complexion.

The 80-minute Full Body Massage is one of our most popular picks. This head-to-toe massage uses a heavenly oil that makes it wonderfully indulgent. The result: no more stress or tension!

We also recommend our incredible foot massage and Thai foot and calf massage! These focus on pressure points in the feet and their connection to the rest of the body. The therapist massages these points using her hands and a special massage wand to help release tension and improve sleep quality!

Which massage do you prefer? If you have something else in mind, check out the extensive range of massages offered by our beauty institute!

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