New: Zen session with singing bowls


There is a new addition – organised twice a day – to our daily wellness programme: the Relaxession. This is a ca. 15-minute session in the relaxation area above the Silence Bar (in the nude section of Thermae Boetfort) or in the Tibetsauna (in the nude section of Thermae Grimbergen).

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The Relaxpert will take you through a guided meditation. Close your eyes, enjoy the sounds of the singing bowls, gong, xylophone and ... totally relax.

Each instrument has its own characteristic sound. The various vibrations have a positive effect on your body and mind. They allow you to concentrate fully on the music or on the voice of the meditation leader and stop you from being distracted by external stimuli. You will actually feel the sound in your belly, helping you let go of stress and tension more easily.

In short, a unique experience that you should definitely try at least once when you visit Thermae Boetfort or Thermae Grimbergen! 

Practical info:

You wear a bathrobe during this session.

Please be on time.

The Relaxessions are held every day.

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