In 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially recognised burnout as an illness. While there are no exact figures on burnout yet, approximately 150,000 people have been signed off work for more than a year due to a mental illness. Staggering figures.

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Anyone experiencing long-term stress runs a greater risk of suffering burnout. On our blog, we regularly post tips to help you manage stress better. For instance, one word that was thrown around a lot last year was ‘reframing’. Reframing is looking at a problem you are having in a different way. It’s using the situation you find yourself in to your own advantage. Take being stuck in traffic, for instance. Try not to get yourself all worked up or stressed out over the fact that you are going to be late. There is nothing you can do about that. Instead, use this time to listen to a podcast, dictate your shopping list into your phone or call your best friend. You can probably think of something you could do.

Another way to ‘put stress into perspective’ is to keep a positive journal. Before going to bed, write down three positive things that made you happy that day. It’s great to revisit these entries now and again and just like that, you have a new end-of-year ritual! Come December, read your journal for an instant reminder of what a fantastic year it has been!

Having a pet also reduces stress, and that’s a scientific fact. Caring for your favourite animal companion lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Also, don’t feel self-conscious about chatting to your Persian cat or French bulldog, because people who attribute human characteristics to their pets are apparently more intelligent.

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